Unlock the power of the Aesthetic Neural Network (ANN) to reach your practice's potential.

Knowledge is Power.

ANN delivers on the technological promise to help answer your questions by providing user-friendly dashboards with the most advanced data analytics for the aesthetic practice.

Get Practice Insights

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) review and compare your data on a monthly or annual basis to identify trends and shift efforts.

Access Comparative Data

ANN is the only Business Intelligence Tool in the plastic surgery market where you can access cooperative data from your peers.

Eliminate Guesswork

See your data in a more insightful way and make informed decisions – when to buy a new product, market a new offering, or determine which service could be the most profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

ANN connects directly to your existing Practice Management system – either through a piece of hardware called the bundleBOX (or “Bobby”) for server based users or through an Application Programming Interface (API) for customers who have a Cloud service.

Both “Bobby” and the APIs are read-only connections, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

We access only your “coarse” data points related to quotes and billing, so your patient-specific and identifiable information, or ePHI, stays with you.

The Ronan Solutions team – the Aesthetic Society’s technology partner in this unique project – does the “heavy lifting” of mapping your practice data and terminology to ensure that you’re comparing apples to apples on the Network. It is then delivered back to you in easy-to-use Dashboards that allow you to dive deep into your data and compare it with other practices in your area or across the country.

No extra data entry is required from you or your staff. For server-based users, hardware setup takes about 15 minutes. Cloud-based users require no setup at all!

No! ANN works with your existing Practice Management system, so all you have to do is plug it in and you’re ready to go. When we’ve retrieved the data and mapped your practice, you’ll get a Web-based link to your Dashboards. It’s that simple!

ANN is currently optimized for cloud-based patientNOW systems. It also integrates with Intellipract, ModMed, NexTech, NexCloud, Stage 4 and Symplast systems.

Support for new systems is being continuously expanded. If you don’t see your system listed here, contact ann@surgery.org.

No! Only you will have access to information that is specific to your practice. Other members will only see your data as part of an aggregate, allowing you the benefit of comparing your data with your peers, but protecting your privacy.

Yes! We take data security extremely seriously. ANN relies on read-only hardware to access your data, which is then encrypted using SHA-256 and securely sent through a virtual private tunnel to our HITRUST-certified Cloud, constructed and managed by Iron Medical Systems, the largest medical cloud provider for radiation and oncology organizations nationwide.

Nothing! ANN is a complimentary and exclusive benefit available only to Active Aesthetic Society Members.

ANN was developed by Ronan Solutions, a joint venture between Anzu®, a technology company that brought you RADAR, and Iron Medical Systems®, the largest cloud host in the world for Varian, a radiation oncology treatment and software manufacturer. Anzu® and Ronan Solutions® were co-founded by Dr. Barry Fernando, an aesthetic surgeon and Aesthetic Society member.

Cloud-based PatientNOW and Stage 4 systems, are ANN Optimized, meaning that they partner with us to seamlessly and accurately provide the appropriate data when a practice joins the ANN Community.

ANN also integrates with Intellipract, ModMed, NexTech, NexCloud, Stage 4, and Symplast systems.

For more information about ANN, or to schedule a live demonstration, please contact us.

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ANN is a complimentary and exclusive benefit available only to Active Aesthetic Society Members.

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